Imperfect perfections!

Well to me perfection is not something you’re born with, you make yourself and you prove yourself to be at that level.
The guy I call perfect is the one who gives you time even if he’s going through some rough time,calls you suddenly in the middle of night just to say that he loves you alot, hangs out with you on weekends, gives you chocolates every time you’re down or low, take cares of you as he owns you, proud to interlock his hand with yours in public and even in his friends, he should be creative and should have some goals in life, I mean what you guys are gonna talk about if he’s just a nigga with marlboro in his pocket? You don’t wanna date someone who eats dorritos at night and text you with those cheesy hands babe I love these chips? I mean commone you’re not any average girl, you’re the daughter of your father, you’re a princess don’t let anyone deal you like a crash bin. To me perfection comes within self respect,morality,humor,dirty jokes,cuddles and deep talks!!l ” Baby you’ll get this text from every other guy “I love you” but let your guy mean it as “actions speaks louder then words.
Go out on a fancy date and take alot of selfies and cherish them up with you. A guy should be on his own, you wanna date an Olevels guy? Haha seriously? majority of 16 yo old are on it, You’ll get to know in a week how badly he’ll ruin your feelings, find someone whom you can lean your shoulder on and cry upon, find someone who is willing to buy flowers for you and remember your favourite songs, find someone who likes you as you are even without makeup, Find someone who says #GoNawazGo loudly with you I mean everyone hates him..! don’t ever go on looks like wanna make pickle of that sharp looks with that low class personality? The guy I call perfect should be one man lady, gives you his time even if he’s busy, possessive and cares about you, brings you donut on every Sunday,lets you check his facetime and whatsapp I mean I know you’re curious out there, every time you laugh or get shy he suddenly says that you’re the most beautiful girl in his life and he will marry you.

baby think twice!


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