Who am i?

Oh well well this introduction is kind of very important, My name is Maha irfan often called as “mao,meow” idk why maybe because of this uneven shape of my nose i suppose but he thinks i’m cute.

What do i Like?


  • I love people who compliment me like it makes me so happy ” Maha,you’re beautiful” see this is like i’m on the cloud and from someone special oh yes
  • Write to me like Charles Bukowski, sing to me like imagine dragons,  make love to me like James Deen and abandon me like an old lover.
  • I LOVE PIZZA OMG LIKE A LOT.. sorry my keyboard is gay.
  • *Caps Lock off*
  • I rant alot about myslef like yes i’m self obsessed and i like myself.
  • I sing good sometimes and maybe sing for you too if you offer me snickers!

So this was pretty much about what i’m about,you might be thinking wtf was that but hey hey i’m beginner i rarely read any poetry or write 24/7 this is the first time i’m writing a blog so no hate i know you won’t but yeah. 8: 58 , people often say this to me a lot ” Why do you ignore me, where the hell are you? dead?. because i’m a complete sucker when it comes to reply back i mean okay i hate you nigga, ain’t nobody got time for your ravioli..I love to read and give long paragraphs about beauty of someone, in simple words i can make your day in just 15 seconds yes. i’m sitting here on my bed with this laptop on my lap writing about myself and bitching about people i hate so much with my bff, tbvh i don’t believe in best friends like i’ve such a big social circle but best friend? There is one but she’s like a sister to me, you know who you are yes you there. I love cats a lot , the main reason i don’t pet them is because my mom gets mad every time she sees a siamese cat hanging with her duppata haha oh well but she calls me her cat” Billi idher aoo! let’s get on some serious stuff now , no  no i’m not going to sign any deal but just going to say “i want kisses to write more not any ordinary kiss but Hersheys i know you perverted minds would be thinking i’m asking for a french kiss? right? so before you leave my blog in the middle of nowhere don’t forget i just started and you’ve to complete this and share with your haters too.

You know nothing John snow

Don’t worry i’m not a big fan of GOT!

Where can you find me? let’s just keep this a secret between us until next time.



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