Maybe some other time.

1:23,Trying to collect all sorrows together, OH wait? i’ve some Haggen-Dazs in my fridge… i wish. okay maybe some other time when i’ll be in LA, i always think while writing that many of you want to write and have that potential to write some amazing stuff but don’t just because of negative minnions? No! look at me, so many gramatical and hilarious kinds of mistakes but why the hell not? Try a start because saying ” Maybe some other time” you’re going to miss the train which won’t come back again.Give some fresh start to your life with some positive people around you because you never know you’ll be in graveyard by tomorrow? make the best of it, squeez tomatoes, dance in rain and shout saying “I’m in love” but just with my cat, be happy and don’t every burst all your tragedies or sins in front of your “Babby” of course she won’t understand about it, keep it to yourself, talk to walls, sing loudely naked in your room, look at your body from head to toe just look at yourself yes how beautiful are you? yes you. Sit next to an old man and talk to him about what you want to be and he’ll always suggest you with his past experiences , just hand him a cig saying #yolo, make others happy and stop saying “Maybe some other time” Time will never stop, urgh , jesus! try to understand you’re not a kid? or are you reading this? Upset from life? Try “Zubaida appa whitening cream” if it helps? Thank me later.

Laters  7/26/15


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